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About Us

Feel The Brightest Moment Of Japan

The Concept of Chanko Shabu & Bar is 8090 Japan’s  Golden Age. The Customers enjoy authentic Japanese cuisines in an atmosphere that the most beautiful moment of Japan. Chanko Shabu & Bar is a moderately priced 30 seats restaurant offering traditional Japanese hot pot in modern presentation and service. Shabu-shabu, sukiyaki and Seiro-mushi along with donburies on the menu. We will offer beverage selections including sake and beer.

Feel the Special Dining Experience

At Chanko Shabu & Bar, we proudly give you a unique and luxury Japanese dining experience. The combination of the highest quality meat and vegetables on a retinispora tree steamer gives not only the perfect texture of food, but is also healthy. Retinispora tree radiates phytoncide, which is a natural antibiotic. It delivers an anti-bacterial and sterilization effect, and also relieves stress.

You’ve Already Invited To Japan

The health benefits of steamed food are boundless. The steam cooking method is a popular style in which many health food practitioners enjoy the maximum nutrition of the food they cook. Seiro-mushi, the Japanese method of steam cooking in which food is steamed on wood trays by the table-side, is one of the most accessible techniques, and what goes inside the steamer is just as important as the art of cooking itself.